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Are you looking for thermo-adhesive fabrics? We master the techniques to make your fabrics thermo-adhesive. Please trust our know-how for all your projects and discover our fabric range.

We made investments in two custom powder machines to coat our own fabrics or the ones you entrusted us. The thermo-reactivable coating technique makes all fabrics thermo-adhesive – with a press machine, a gutter machine or an iron, depending on the use you plan to make of it.



Our highly specific machines can be used to coat delicate materials with progressive heat infrared light ovens.

The powdering speed adapts to the type of fabric to reduce raw material losses (about 1%), enabling us to create thermo-adhesive textures with originated high-value fabrics.



Mainly powder-based, we adapt the powder glue according to the type of fabric and its final purpose:

  • EVA – Ethylene-vinyl Acetate
  • Co polyamide – hard-to-glue fabrics (fluorinated resin, PU coating…)
  • Polyester (for delicate fabrics or oily leather)
  • Polyurethane (to limit hot-reactivation)
  • Polyethylene (food-compatible coating, manufacture reinforcement)





on diverse fabrics


The gutta


The “SABINE gutta” has almost become a generic term for thermo-adhesive reinforcement in certain fields like classical shoes, dance shoes, leather goods workshop…

Not only is our product range large but it is also scalable – From thin canvas (“finette”) to quilts (scratched and highly flexible canvas) and curved canvas (or cambered canvas) for ankle boots and standard boots.



We also coat the outsourced fabrics for various activities such as the food industry – tea bags, for instance –, cosmetics industry – biodegradable coating on non-woven textiles – or leather fabrics.



Our glue deposits can vary from 5 g/m2 to 120 g/m2 upon the final use and the granulometry of the glue used.

Get in touch with us to elaborate your project! Our team is at your disposal to give you any information needed.

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