Custom-cut fabrics

in Flers (Orne region)


Please rely on our know-how to custom cut your fabrics in our workshops in Flers – Orne region. We constantly adapt to offer a service that matches our customers’ needs; we thus offer to pack ready-to-use fabrics.

Mattress manufacturing



Not only can our quilting table allow us to custom-pack according to your needs – depending on the length, the thickness of the mattress fitting your request -, but also to display our ready-to-use fabrics – face to face, back to back… Therefore, our products are delivered on pallets. Whatever their finishing touches, they are delivered in the wanted size, in a flat position.





in Normandy




We are equipped with a 70-ton mobile bridge press, which allows us to die-cut up to 30 layers, depending on the type of fabric (thickness, fraying, flexibility…).

We cut various types of fabrics even the softer ones. 

All of our thermo-adhesive fabrics can be cut to the size you wish as long as we manufacture the exact die that you need.



This cutting technique also works on our calendar as long as they are thermo-adhesive fabrics treated by us (please see the page on Lamination). Besides, the protective paper on the adhesive foil prevents the layers to stick together.

The final packaging can be customized as you need. For this, you can choose amongst multiple types of thermo-adhesive fabrics as you can mix & match sizes. Before cutting and quilting, you can also request your products’ traceability.



Long story short, we do our best to fit your needs and requests.

Feel free to contact us for more information about fabrics cutting. Our team will be there for you to carry out your project.

Contact us for


more information about the fabrics cutting



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