Fabrics lamination

in Flers


Let our company Jean Sabine make your fabrics lamination. Located in the Orne department, we master the lamination techniques as well as our specific machines.

If used in small series, fabrics lamination allows us to create complex products, which are used in a different way from their original purpose, offering more features and uses than a classic-coated fabric.



For instance, we may laminate decorative fabrics for leather goods – such as curtains, couches… – or clothing fabrics for the footwear manufacture. We also make numerous textile collages on woolen fabrics and very light velvets that cannot be used in their usual state.

Our machines are easy-to-use, which allows us to produce small series whenever necessary and work on high-value fabrics while reducing the waste.







on custom fabrics

in the Orne region, near Calvados




When laminating, we mainly operate on the reverse, or non-woven fabrics, although we can also use yours to produce outsourced lamination.

Different glues are available to fit the strength needed and depending on your articles’ final destination: light, soft, round and firm, rigid…



Thanks to our equipment and our heating calender, we can either produce double and triple collages or apply large width cold adhesives (double-sided ones of 150 cm).

In the high-end prêt-à-porter sector, several manufacturers trust us to reduce the waste of raw materials and to save their time. They entrust us with their fabrics or their customers’ fabrics to glue thermo-adhesive reinforcements – for the clothing sector.



In addition, many subcontractors are not equipped to laminate large surfaces of fabrics.

We carry out fabrics dry-decatizing which is necessary to stabilize a piece of fabrics before it can be used.

Over time, fabric custom lamination has become a know-how of ours.

Feel free to contact us to study your project and carry out tests.

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